Infrastructure Solutions Architect
Lansing, MI, United States . PCMAI3276

Infrastructure Solutions Architect Dimondale, MI 12+ Months

Job Description
Our Direct Client is seeking an experienced, full-time, on-site, dedicated Candidate, with skills and expertise as described in below requirement.

Job Description:
Experience in architecting advanced infrastructure solutions which may not be widely used or are new to the industry, including the ability to mentor other staff in the use of the specialty technologies and make recommendations on the use of the specialty technologies and integration within the organization’s architecture.
•Must be proficient at the techniques that go into the formulation of architectures, including requirements discovery and analysis, application of abstraction, formulation of solution context, solution alternatives identification and assessment, technology selection, and architectural configuration. Extensive understanding and experience in technology areas for Mainframe and Distributed platforms, networking, databases, High Availability/Disaster Recovery, and IT security.
•Ability to work closely with client/application architects, senior managers, and project managers to design and assist with the implementation of the solutions infrastructure related components. Demonstrated ability to work independently and complete assigned project responsibilities under limited supervision. Experience and skills in prevailing industry architecture and engineering methodologies such as ITIL. Knowledge of and experience with a broad range of application servers, web servers, messaging servers, database servers, and related technologies. Able to analyze business requirements and define solutions to address complex business needs. Experience in web infrastructure design and operations including IP, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, load balancing, clustering, failover, monitoring, diagnostics, performance tuning, etc. Possess high aptitude for problem-solving and trouble-shooting.

Skill Required / Desired
Unix System Administration - Highly desired 5 Years
Experience in creation, maintenance, and execution of system/administrative scripts such as Bash, Python, Power Shell - Required 7 Years
Experience with creation of scripts in Ansible to automate software provisioning, configuration management and application deployment - Required 2 Years
Experience in deploying and administering storage hardware or logical storage arrays - Required 7 Years
Experience working in a Devops or Secops capacity in a 1000+ server environment - Required 7 Years
Experience with working with CICD, containers, Docker, Kubernetes and/or OpenShift deployments and support - Required 2 Years
Experience installing, configuring, and administering Red Hat Enterprise Linux - Required 7 Years
Experience resolving intermediate issues with Configuration Management and Networking concepts - Required 7 Years
Experience in performing security testing such vulnerability assessments or penetration tests to identify security misconfigurations or vulnerable sof - Required 7 Years
Experience in remediating security issues identified by vulnerability assessments or penetration tests - Required 7 Years
Ability to design, implement and operate systems with adherance to industry compliance such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, ISO and identify policy violations - Required 7 Years

Job Summary

  • Job Id : PCMAI3276
  • Location : Lansing, MI, USA
  • Job Nature : Contract
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