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We are providing consulting services with the aim of creating value for our Clients. PeopleCorp is a global Company that offers a wide range of rewarding opportunities for talented Consultants. Whether a Consultant wants to build Java applications to power a new system or find cost-effective ways to manage mainframe financial applications, PeopleCorp provides a full IT lifecycle "playground". We seek knowledgeable, creative and committed individuals who are ready to perform their tasks well and grow with us.

The below are the contract positions that are currently open. Click on the Job Id's to get the detailed description and to apply for the positions.
You can work with us on these positions directly on W2 or 1099 basis or you can also work with us on Corp to Corp basis.

Job Id date position location
PCCAOEB21 February 08 2021 Senior Salesforce Developer Denver, CO
PCMAI5310 February 02 2021 Senior .Net Developer Dimondale, MI
PCMAI2288 February 01 2021 Senior .Net Developer Lansing, MI
PCMAI4386 February 01 2021 Senior Business Analyst Lansing, MI
PCTAX3084 January 28 2021 Senior Java Developer Austin, TX
PCPAA4757 January 27 2021 Java Developer Harrisburg, PA
PCPAA3886 January 25 2021 Project Manager Harrisburg, PA
PCOAR4521 January 25 2021 Workday HCM Business Analyst Salem, OR
PCCAO3679 January 22 2021 Project Manager Denver, CO
PCTAX1028 January 21 2021 SQL Server Developer Austin, TX
PCCAO4017 January 20 2021 Pentaho Developer Denver, CO
PCCAT8018 January 11 2021 DB2 Database Administrator Hartford, CT
PCPAA3497 January 08 2021 OnBase Consultant Harrisburg, PA
PCTAXC829 January 07 2021 Salesforce Administrator Austin, TX
PCAT3124 January 06 2021 PeopleSoft Consultant Austin, TX
PCGAA2846 January 06 2021 Senior PeopleSoft Consultant Atlanta, GA
PCGAA0227 January 06 2021 Java Developer Atlanta, GA
PCTAX9087 January 05 2021 Senior .Net Developer Austin, TX
PCTAX3015 January 05 2021 Senior React Web Developer Austin, TX
PCMAI3364 January 05 2021 Program Manager/Project Manager Lansing, MI
PCTAX9080 December 30 2020 Senior Java Developer - 12+ Yrs Experience Required Austin, TX
PCGAA2520 December 18 2020 DB2 Database Administrator Atlanta GA
PCTAX9079 December 07 2020 Data Architect Austin, TX
PCGAA1257 December 03 2020 Senior Database Administrator/Developer Atlanta, GA
PCTAX9078 December 01 2020 Lead Java Developer Austin, TX
PCMAI8214 December 01 2020 Lead Java Developer Lansing, MI
PCCATPM November 18 2020 Agile Project Manager Hartford, CT
PCCAT5974 November 18 2020 Business Analyst with R Scripting Experience Hartford, CT
PCCATFRADM November 18 2020 ForgeRock Administrator Hartford, CT
PCCATMSADM November 18 2020 MuleSoft Administrator Hartford, CT
PCTAX9064 November 18 2020 Tableau Developer Austin, TX
PCTAX9011 November 13 2020 Project Manager Austin, TX
PCGAA9852 November 13 2020 Cobol Programmer Atlanta, GA
PCMAI8957 November 13 2020 Software Test Analyst Lansing, MI
PCCOA1058 November 09 2020 .Net Developer Denver, CO
PCMAI9091 November 06 2020 Data Engineer & Integration Lead Lansing, MI


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